Here are the 17 creative ideas awarded at the 2019 edition of Les Chatons d'Or

For 8 years now, the Golden kittens present themselves asthe reference festival that rewards "young plants" that start in the ruthless world of advertising. In contrast to large structures such asCannes Lions rewarding the original creations of the communication agencies, and who are therefore necessarily more elitist in their selection, the Golden kittensare open to all, and that's what makes the event so successful.

Yesterday took place the award ceremony of the 8th edition of the Golden kittens the EESC (Economic, Social and Environmental Council) after two intense months placed under the sign of the transmission. Chaired by an unpublished mixed duo composed of Marie-Laure Sauty de Chalons (founder of Factor K) and of Hervé Brossard (Chairman of Europe Sid Lee), the Golden kittens rewarded yesterday no less than 17 creative to become.

This year, the signing of the eighth edition "Creative World in Progress" illustrates a certain collective desire to advance our industries in the right direction,innovate and to reinvent. A challenge tackled handily by this edition 2019 who approaches creativity from different angles, always with the goal of moving forward and creating the world of tomorrow under the banner of kindness. We let you discover below the list of Golden Kittens 2019 and we invite you to visit the site of the event to learn more.

Jury's favorite

"Hybrids" by Florian Brauch, Matthieu Pujol, Kim Tailhades, Yohan Thireau, Romain Thirion

t for those who regularly follow Creapills, we were already talking about this short film in this article.

Category "Brands and Communication": 1st prize

"Can not you see i am busy?" By HugoVan Manen and David Wahiche

Category "Brands and Communication": Getty Images Special Award

"Design choices, human choices" by Audrey Roobert

Credits: Audrey Roobert

Category "Companies and Training": 1st prize

Meet my Mama by Donia Amamra

Credits: Donia Amamra

Category "Companies and Training": Special award Pôle Emploi

"Descoders" by Souad Boutegrabet

Credits: Souad Boutegrabet

Category "Arts & Cultures": 1st prize

"17 Little Ideas" by B.Myers Andrew

Category "Arts & Cultures": Malesan Special Prize

"Plots" by Maryline Kollmannsberger

Credits: Maryline Kollmannsberger

Category "City & Design": 1st prize

"The Adidas Road" by Tania Szpiczak and William Keo

Category "City & Design": Special price Caisse d'Epargne

Chewable cutlery Koovee by Tiphaine Guerout

Credits: Tiphaine Guerout

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Category "Media & Information": 1st prize

"Instafast" by Théo Conigliano

Media & Information Category: ARPP Special Award

"# Sponsored" by Marine Bayle and Van Yen Meunier

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Credits: Marine Bayle and Van Yen Meunier

Category "Responsibility & Environment": 1st prize

"Already in our plates" by Balthazard François

Category "Responsibility & Environment": Exaprint special price

"Stone sheet" by Gabriel Bonete, Hugo Trabelsi and Cloé Yquel

Credits: Gabriel Bonete, Hugo Trabelsi and Cloé Yquel

"Uses & Technologies" Category: Special E-Artsup & ISEG Award

"Inclood" by Marlène Varnerin

Category "Citizenship & Commitment": 1st prize

"Coach Special" by Iliana Couvez

Credits: Iliana Couvez

Category "Citizenship & Commitment": 1st prize

"Responsible Pack" by Les Venants

Category "Citizenship & Engagement": Special prize "Creative World in Progress"

"Gyné Not My Word to Say" by Fanny Lutz, Florinda Cairoli, Rachel Lavy and Kyla Rosselli

Imagined by: The Golden Kittens