Here are the 11 fantastic sand sculptures from the Texas SandFest 2019

You've probably built a sand castle, but do you have the same skills as those involved in Texas SandFest ? This is the biggest competition of sand sculptures the United States. Each year, amateurs and professionals compete in their respective categories and compete through the construction of sculptures on the beach of Port Aransas.

Texas SandFest is an event of International fame which lasts three days and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. Every year, twenty international sculptors express their talent during this competition, whether it rains or not. If a jury decides, the audience votes for his favorite creation in the categories solo and duet. Those who win the most votes win the public price. Sand sculptures are judged on their originality, the degree of difficulty, the good ones proportions to adopt, the cleanliness finished surfaces and how sculpture is welcomed by the public.

The 23rd edition Texas SandFest was held this year. The event brought together 35,000 people and 400 volunteers for the occasion. Some artists have chosen to create very detailed sand castles, others giant tortoises and sometimes even elephants! This year, the sculptures were rich in ideas and ambition. The one who won the majority of votes is Freedom in ruins of Damon Langlois, a Canadian nicknamed "sand man". She represents a Abraham Lincoln desperate whose seat is cracking, very much for a sculpture called "Freedom in ruins" ...

Want to attend the creation of sand sculptures? Rendezvous from 17 to 19 April 2020 on the beach of Port Aransas. Find all the information on the site of Texas SandFest.

1st prize in solo: Freedom in ruins

Artist : Damon Langlois

Credits : Texas SandFest

Credits : Kastle Photography

Credits : Texas SandFest

2nd prize in solo: Hold on

Artist : Joris Kivits

Credits : Texas SandFest

3rd prize in solo (public choice): Sofia

Artist : Remy Hoggard

Credits : Texas SandFest

1st prize duet: Opposites attract

Artist : Laura Cimador-Gowdy and John Gowdy

Credits : Texas SandFest

2nd prize duo: Celebrate your plants

Artist : Morgan Rudluff and Abe Waterman

Credits : Texas SandFest

3rd prize duet: Man in action

Artist : Ted Siebert and Fred Dobbs

Credits : Texas SandFest

Duo (audience choice): Oops, not yet

Artist : Walter McDonald and Christy McDonald Atkinson

Credits : Texas SandFest

1st prize semi-pro: Firearms and roses

Artist : Andrew Daily

Credits : Texas SandFest

2nd prize of the semi-pro: Achille

Artist : Amanda Bolduc

Credits : Texas SandFest

3rd prize of semi-pro: Best generation

Artist : Bruce Peck

Credits : Texas SandFest

Semi-pro (public choice): The call of the 80s

Artist : Dale Andrews

Credits : Texas SandFest

Designed by: Texas SandFest

Video: Incredible Sand Sculptures at Texas SandFest - Festivals Around the World, Ep. 6 (March 2020).