MEMO: the touching short film that attempts to visually represent Alzheimer's disease

Today, we present you this superb animated short film. Memo, it's a sensitive film, clever and very touching on Alzheimer's disease: a real blow ofheart ! Behind this animation, five young directors, straight out of goblins, the prestigious animation school. Julien Becquer, Elena Dupressoir, Jules Durand, Viviane Guimaraes and Ines Scheiber decided to tell this moving story together. graduation film.

The pitch ? Louis, retired, wants at all costs to keep his independence in front of the overprotection of his daughter Nina. A simple scenario, you say. And yet ... Since we do not want to spoil you, we'll let you watch before continuing.

What's more appreciated in this film is that Alzheimer's is represented by much more than just "forget" things. This disease hurts families and makes them feel loss of control to the person affected. Here, we are mainly introduced to desire for independence of Louis, who has an onset of Alzheimer's disease. The numerous post-its are now part of the decoration ...

To highlight thedisobedience of the retiree, the students used a minimalist narrative base : he wants to buy coffee alone - in other words, a daily action and within reach of everyone. Now, his daughter Nina, who overprotects him tends to push him to isolation.

emo seems to make us understand that the assistantship, even if it starts from a good intention, is not necessarily a judicious help. But above all, Memo illustrious, of a very visual way, and to perfection, what can affect people with the disease. And it's just creepy.

The short film, both wispy and colorful, reflects the talent precious and singular of this handful of directors. A subtle approach and delicate to talk about a difficult subject, which affects too many families.

Credits: MEMO - The Goblins

Credits: MEMO - The Goblins

Credits: MEMO - The Goblins

Credits: MEMO - The Goblins

Imagined by: Ines Scheiber, Jules Durand, Julien Becquer, Elena Dupressoir and Viviane Guimaraes