12 photos that your brain will adapt differently from reality

The site Bored Panda was interested in illusions. He created a topic reserved for amazing imagess that our brain is forced to read differently from reality. These errors of adaptation, related to forms, colors and scenes that are engraved in our memory are inherent in the process of creativity.

Creative ideas are also sometimes mistaken and the people who took these pictures will not tell you the opposite!

A starry sky? Or the reflection of trees on a puddle with gravel?

This cluster of lava looks like a hole in hell that attracts souls ...

A flying saucer in the door of a car

Flames ? No, only the reflection of the sun on the windows of this house

Caterpillar ... or bird?

This anteater has a panda-shaped task

This giant crayfish dominates the universe! Oh no, just a pan ...

A rock in the shape of a warship

Clinging to the windshield, this little lizard looks like Godzilla in the landscape

A sky as turbulent as a storm in the middle of the ocean

This opal stone seems to contain clouds

Many buildings in this city! Oh no, it's a graveyard in Japan!

Video: The Believing Brain: Evolution, Neuroscience, and the Spiritual Instinct (March 2020).