This soap can detect skin cancer by changing color

Every year, more than 7 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer. And as often, the earlier the disease is detected, the greater the chances of fighting it. In India, Brinda Singala (Artistic Director) and Aakash Dalwadi (Copywriter) form a creative team that studies at the Miami Ad School from Bombay. This creative duo had the idea to imagine "Detect", a revolutionary soap capable of detect skin cancer.

This project was conducted in collaboration with oncology researchers. The soap is capable of detect disease by responding to high levels of tyrosinase, an enzyme that develops rapidly in skin cancers. Depends on staining of the foamit is possible to identify the presence or absence of the disease. These are the samebiological markers which are used in laboratories to detect the presence or absence of cancer.

"Detect" remains a school project but we hope that it will still see the day. These two students have indeed managed to "Hacker" a classic and trivial object of our everyday life to raise awareness about a disease the chances of survival can be increased by 80% if it is detected in time. To learn more about this project, go to the portfolio of Brinda Singala. If you like the initiative, we also invite you to discover this other great idea of ​​students of the Miami Ad School who are hijacking Snapchat to detect cancer in children.

Credits: Brinda Singala, Aakash Dalwadi

Credits: Brinda Singala, Aakash Dalwadi

Imagined by: Brinda Singala and Aakash Dawaldi

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