Ubisoft democratizes eSport with the general public with this new teaser

More than ever, eSport is a cultural phenomenon rooted in the values ​​of our society. The video game publishers have understood this, and continue, of course, to communicate on the subject. To promote the 2017 season of its Pro League game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has used the agency Biborg to make a one-minute film that illustrates the sporting values ​​of this competition.

Unfortunately, eSports still suffers from a complex and disciplined image reserved only for hardcore gamers. With this video launching the new league, Ubisoft and Biborg are targeting a wider audience by transmitting the desire and passion around the concept of competition. The agency offers us a one-minute teasing where the voice of a sports coach and powerful and expressive e-sports images highlight the key values ​​of this competition: team spirit, perseverance , cohesion, self-transcendence and respect for the opponent. A good initiative that promotes the game Ubisoft, and tends to democratize this discipline to the general public.

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