A golden egg converted into a sauna to warm up during the winter

Imagine, you walk in a field with snow as far as the eye can see. You are cold, you will give everything for a little comfort and warmth and there ... you come across an egg. But not just any egg, a golden egg which has a small staircase. You enter the structure and you arrive in a comfortable and very design sauna.

Here is the idea of ​​the studioBigert & Bergström financed byRiksbyggen. This egg symbolizes, according to its creators, the development of Kiruna, a city of 18,000 inhabitants in northern Sweden. A city victim today of the subsidence of the soil due to a strong exploitation of the iron mines around.

A beautiful project, very design and in addition to that useful; we all need a little heat. These eggs are transportable everywhere and also want to act as a agitator of ideas to allow the nearby population to exchange in a rather unusual setting. We particularly like the stove and the central fireplace that have the shape of a heart, which alone symbolizes this beautiful initiative.

Imagined by: Bigert & Bergström for Riksbyggen

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