These photos testify to the ingenuity of the generics TV at the time

Small course of special effects on Creapills ! Forget your graphic design software and let your hands and your imagination speak. In any case, that's how our ancestors worked when we had to create the credits for a television show. And since a few days, a man namedAndrew Shareman, passionate about television history, came up with some archive footage to show us behind the scenes of the programs from our old skylight.

Of generic RTF which consisted of strings to create an illusion almostkaleidoscopic the generic of the BBC which works with the technique of rotoscoping going through the generic HBO : everything was done by hand !

At the time it was a real visual treat and today we obviously look at it with a more critical eye, but always benevolent and quite admiring of the ingenuity of these creative television.

Generic RTF

Generic BBC

Generic HBO

Generic Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

Video: Thorium. (March 2020).