He transforms garbage cans into giant vases with flowers

Who appreciates the design of a trash? Nobody and especially not the American designer Lewis Miller. The latter, specialized in floral art, has embarked on an original creative adventure: that of giving a little magic to the streets of New York with his art. And he started by attacking the garbage cans that he transformedin real urban vases.

Huge bunches of flowers slipped into some garbage cans of the city transform the streets. The gray / black colors of the bitumen bring out the bright colors of the flowers, to the delight of townspeople and tourists. A fun idea that he also appliedon the statues and in front some monuments to take some photographs of his city hacks.

Because yes, it's also for Lewis Miller a way to communicate and make known his work. Next to each bouquet, there is the hook "LMD X NYC"Written in clean tag on the floor. A great idea (marketing) that, hopefully, will inspire creatives from all over the world, motivated to bring some creative magic to our streets.

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