Naughty Cookie: cookies that contain funny and mean messages

You necessarily know the famous "Fortune Cookie" served in Chinese restaurants. The latter contains small messages that aim to bring you luck and prosperity. And if we declined the concept upside down? In France, the shop "Nasty cookie" offers you an original and much more cynical alternative.

Forget the sweet words, the beautiful quotes and the political predictions. The "Nasty cookie" is, as its name suggests, surly and insolent. Each cookie contains a message that mixes with humor and malice. In short, a fun initiative to surprise and entertain your loved ones.

Each pack is marketed 12 euros. But if you enter the code "VERYBAD" at the time of the order, you can benefit from 10% on your purchase. For more information, visit the project site "Méchant Cookie".

no idea of ​​wicked cookie

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