This young boy sells life tips on the subway in New York

When you choose to live in a big city, you also make the choice to expose yourself to much greater pressure and stress. In New York, Ciro Ortiz is a young boy who decided to make some pocket money on people's problems. Originally from Brooklyn, the 11-year-old boy had the idea of ​​starting a rather unusual business.

Every Sunday, he installs in the subway a small office to listen to the complaints of passersby. Against 2 dollars, this young boy agrees to listen to the problems of users of the subway for 5 minutes by giving them some life tips. A rather lucrative business for this 11-year-old boy who sometimes pockets up to $ 50 a day by setting up his office only two hours, from noon to 2 pm on Sunday. An impressive proof of wisdom from the boy who says he likes to listen to people and help them.

Video: 11-Year-Old Kid Gives Emotional Advice on Subway Platform. New York Post (March 2020).