A surprising and controversial display in Madrid for the Narcos series

You had to dare, and Netflix did it. Among the series of series proposed by the entertainment giant, Narcos is undoubtedly one of the greatest successes. As a reminder, this series, which currently has two seasons to its credit, staged the story of Pablo Escobar, known as the first and the largest drug trafficker in the world.

To communicate on the show, Netflix collaborated with the agency Pixel And Pixel to set up a poster campaign that sparked a real controversy in Spain. Located in the heart of Puerta del Sol in Madrid, this display highlights Pablo Escobar and the message "Oh, white Navidad". Literally, a sentence that can be translated by "Oh, white Christmas".

You have understood, Netflix provocation plays here and obviously refers to cocaine, the business of the cartel Medellin. A communication that has made a lot of people talk about it by its ethics, and its offbeat side. Nevertheless, we find the successful and well-thought idea for Christmas, which comes out of the usual box. Well seen Netflix!

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