Sion: the solar car accessible to all

Forget the essence, it's outdated. Today, more and more electric and hybrid cars are emerging, proof that consumers are turning to new sources of energy that are much more environmentally friendly. In Germany, the manufacturer Sono Motors has developed "If we", the first solar car accessible to all.

Sion is an electric car that integrates solar cells directly into its bodywork to draw energy. It has a range of 250 km and can reach a top speed of 140 km / h. Sion is a model which wants to be accessible to the greatest number, since it should be proposed at a price lower than 16 000 euros. In short, Sono Motors wants to make it the ecological car of sir and madam everyone. The project is currently fundraising. For more information, visit the Indiegogo de Sion page.

Video: Sion The Electric Car for the Future. Sono Motors (March 2020).