This bookstore displays the opinions of its customers

On the internet, it is very easy to forge an opinion before buying a product. All that is needed is to consult the opinions of the other customers. In France, the La Griffe Noire bookstore, located in Saint Maur des Fossés, had the idea of ​​transposing this feature into "real life". It simply displays the opinions of its customers directly in the window.

Next to each book presented in the showcase, you can see paper insets that display the criticism of customers. But this is also the case inside the shop, where employees also have colorful inserts that display the ratings and criticism of customers, even the most virulent. A very simple idea to put in place, which makes it possible to attract the attention of the passers-by and to direct the choices of the customers.

Video: Science Of Persuasion (March 2020).